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Bug#148073: apt-cdrom cannot be made to not modify sources.list, and damages your system if you try

Package: apt
Version: 0.5.4

I'm wanting to add a CD-ROM from a program to manage sources.list. 
Obviously, I have to add an entry to sources.list in order for the CD to
be useful, but I want to have control over that process.  However, I
must use apt-cdrom to do the actual adding, because of the index files. 
But apt-cdrom always munges sources.list.

What's worse is that the obvious way to cause it to not munge
sources.list damages your system.  If you pass "-o
Dir::Etc::sourcelist=/dev/null", apt-cdrom will happily replace the
character device node /dev/null with a text file containing the
sources.list line for the CD.

So, for now, I'm passing "-o Dir::Etc::sourcelist=<temp_path>/junk" and
removing the junk file.  This is suboptimal, and arguably the behavior
regarding /dev/null is dangerous.  Please fix it.

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