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Re: Bug#128818: apt-rsync is great

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Tim Freeman wrote:

> >Actually, if everyone started using it I'd deny anon rsync access to our
> >servers.
> From the way you present that, it looks like an arbitrary purposeless
> decision.  Would you care to explain your motives?

I think the folks on -devel have gone over it enough, rsync is extermely
resource intensive, we tend to have a 10 connection limit for our rsyncd's
to prevent DOS'ing the box.

> I don't see how doing an rsync against a server would be more
> disruptive than doing an HTTP query against the same server,
> especially when the rsync transfers many fewer bytes.  How could this
> be disrupting the mirroring process?

Quite simply, rsync uses tremendous amounts of disk IO, it reads the
entire file on the server side and does lots of math on it, http on the
other hand is intrinsicly rate limited by the requester.

Mirrors have to use rsync because it is the only thing that can reliably
and efficiently well, to some degree anyhow) mirror the archive. But they
are often just anon users, so having slow modem folks taking up rsync
slots will deny them access.

Our boxes have excessive network bandwidth, so it is actually far better
to have people download the whole file than try to support rsync.


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