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Re: Patches for various crashers

On Sat, 8 Sep 2001, Christoph Pfisterer wrote:

> port my patches to 0.5.4 yet, but I will do so soon and send you the 
> patches on request.

I think some of them I already found for 0.5.4, at least the tag file ones
sound familiar..

> BTW, I'm assuming from the comments in COMPILING that you're not 
> interested in my Darwin patches. In case you are, just let me know.

It would be interesting to see them, I'm not opposed to the concept, I
just want to see it done in a reasonable way.

If your patches are primarily #ifdefs and junk like that then I probably
won't apply them, but changes to the configure script, and such are OK. 
Since the code already runs on most things that claim POSIX conformance
I'd be dismayed if Darwin needs anything too special. 


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