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Re: Bug#81829: How to avoid the segfault in apt-get?

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> I see you have downgraded this bug reported by Wichert from "grave" to
> "normal". Is there a specific reason for this downgrade? I have the same
> problem with every call to "apt-get" and I'm wondering why you assume it
> isn't "grave" that "apt-get" is completely broken for me.

Their are only 2 known cases where this happens:
   1) Your libc/libstdc++ is screwed
   2) Your system has corrupted the data in /var/cache/apt/*.bin

In #1 you have to fix it, in #2 it usually fixes itself next 'update', but
if that is not the case 'rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin' always fixes it.
Nobody has been able to show that these are actual APT bugs, the reason I
have not closed the reports is because I would like it to handle #2 more
elegantly and make a better error message.


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