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Bug#71664: IPs as opposed to domain name

On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 07:45:25AM +0200, Brock Rozen wrote:
> Could we put this, and maybe the proper IPs, in the release notes? I
> didn't see the notice that it wouldn't resolve domain names....so going IP
> was obvious to *me* (maybe not to everyone).

This is already in release notes:

  <p>Note: if you are using the static versions of <package/apt/ and
  <package/dpkg/, the hostname-lookup is broken (which is one reason to
  use slink's <package/apt/ when upgrading over the network). The solution
  is to simply put the mirrors' IP address in the "<tt>deb</tt>" line.
  (Hint: <tt>nslookup some-server</tt>)

After upgrade, APT will upgrade itself from the statically-compiled version
to the version from the distribution (due to different md5sum, IIRC), so the
DNS problem will go away.

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