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Re: Bug#65262: apt is being too smart about dependencies

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Brian White wrote:

> it's will upon the user.  If there was no way to select the feature I'm
> talking about, then it would be a wish.  However, there _is_ a way to
> do it (just hit "Q" in dselect).  That makes it a bug.  It is deliberately
> going against the settings of it's driving package: deselect.

Thats nice and all, but the 'Q' thing isn't actually recorded in a file
anyplace. THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL. All dselect methods have this problem,
except some of them just ignore the dpkg errors which in some cases
appears to work.

What you want cannot be done because there is not enough communication
between dselect/dpkg and APT.


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