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Bug#50231: apt: clean installed command?

Package: apt
Version: 0.3.14
Severity: wishlist


 for safety reasons I don't want to use 'clean-installed=yes'
 in apt.conf. However, after successful installation I would
 like to run something like "apt-get clean-installed", which
 should remove any unpacked and configured package.

 It should work with '-s' of course, and I would appreciate,
 if it would be possible to clean from directories which have
 been specified by a file:// URI too.

 (Background: I need to update two "Intranet" machines without
 access to the internet. Every now and then I copy important
 files as well as new files by floppy or CD R/RW to the harddisk
 of these PCs.)

 BTW, thanks for the big improvements in the last version!


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