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Re: Bug#45303: apt: undocumented error `Ign file:/home/jeff/debian/ potato/pkgs/ Release'

Jason Gunthorpe writes:
 > On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
 > > while doing an apt-get update (using dselect).  It seems that the
 > > Packages file from my local archive was processed okay anyway,
 > > even though no `Hit' line was printed for it.
 > > 
 > > I searched everywhere, in vain, for how to build this `Release'
 > > file for my local package archive, here is a sample from the CD-ROM,
 > Read the APT files document in the libapt-pkg-doc package
 > Jason

Thanks for the info.  I am downloading them (via apt - what
else!!), right now.

Thanks again,
Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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