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Re: TODO list updated

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
>     Load/save of cache state should maybe be here rather than in gnome-apt 
> - Which state?

The DKI state. Right now if you quit and restart, everything you've set to
delete or install goes back to Kept. 

Actually this should maybe be in gnome-apt only. I am just worried that
things could get in an insane state if you did a lot of apt-get changes
and then gnome-apt restored a state that no longer made any sense.

If/when it is possible to select the candidate version, that will need to
be saved too. 

>     Consider moving package statuses here so we have the same statuses in
>     various tools. 
> - You mean install/remove/keep/target version? Aren't all those stored in
> the DepCache class? Yes I need a function to save/load those things..

install/remove/keep/target is what I meant in the previous item; here I
mean the Status, as in the status column (Not Installed, Broken, etc.)

This would mostly be for another frontend; all frontends should share the
same set of possible statuses, don't you think?

It's clearly low priority since there are no other frontends yet.

>     Mark new packages after an update, so people can browse what's just
>     appeared on the server. 
> - That should go in gnome apt, you don't want to loose the 'new'
> selections every time you run apt-get update, only when you load
> gnome-apt. What I suggest is that it write a list of all the package names
> it knows about to /var/cache/apt/known-packages and then read that list
> and mark them off when it loads (simple to do)

Makes sense. I'll do it that way.

OK, I'll update the TODO to reflect this stuff.


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