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Re: Bug#31539: apt: Wishlist: x/N status indicator during downloads

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999 servis@purdue.edu wrote:

> I just installed apt-0.3.0 and noticed that now the Get lines list the
> current number of the download like 'Get:1 ...'.  This is along the

Those get lines are just a serial number.. a package may be given more
than one number depending on error conditions. It is shown so their
can be a corrilation between the status line and a Get line for some
instances where the plain text will not do.

> scroll off the screen, I still think that it would be nice if the total
> number of packages to be download could be listed, i.e. 'Get:1/24 ...'. 

The 7 extra chars would push the lines into wrapping now that the version
string is also printed.


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