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Re: Bug#30643: base: apt-get update problems with http-/ftp-caches (i.e. squid)

On Sat, 12 Dec 1998, Thomas Osterried wrote:

> apt-get gets  the package-descriptions.  the proxy  learns them.  but it
> seems, that  in the  next runs  of apt-get squid  offers always  the old
> files.

Squid does not support the HTTP cache-control headers so there is no way
to inform it to reload the cache. The new aot sends the proper cache
control headers to get reasonable relod behavoir from caches but I know of
no cache that supports them.

> i'd like to  use (squid-)proxied ftp, but apt's ftp  does not handle it.
> thus, i'm notable to use my nearest mirror :(

Have you asked your nearest mirror to add http access?


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