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Re: Quirk in debian/rules

On 4 Nov 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> That's not how it works.
> It runs ldd against apt and sees that it depends on libpkg and
> libstdc++2.9. Then it runs ldd against libpkg and sees that it depends
> on libstdc++2.9. It never looks at the installed copy of libpkg,
> except at the /var/lib/dpkg/info/apt.shlibs file.

> I'm not kidding. :) APT 0.1.7 has no 2.8 dependancy, and it was built
> with a libpkg linked against 2.8 on the system. I've done enough shlib
> madness with GIMP to understand this, I'd hope.

I forgot to mention that this is causing James pain on the m68k, it may be
a portability issue. or something. Actually he is using an insanely old
version maybe you fixed this already?

LD_LIBRARY_PATH was what James suggested to fix it.


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