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Re: pkgAcquireStatus

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> I first set up an "Update" menu item with just the text pkgAcqStatus from
> apt-get, and now I made a little dialog; either way, it always says
> "Method http has died unexpectedly" and then the select() in
> pkgAcquire::Run() keeps timing out forever, sending a Pulse() each time.
> Supposed to happen? Since it goes to cerr and not error_ I assume it's
> not...

> I have:
> Debug::NoLocking "true";
> Dir::Bin::Methods "/cvs/apt-cvs/apt/build/bin/methods";

Umm... Hmm. Does /cvs/apt-cvs/apt/build/bin/methods/http exist?

You might need to do this:


You do have the latest CVS? I thought I fixed the never-ending looping..

>  - What does IMSHit() mean?

It means the file it was downloading has not changed (IMS is If Modified

>  - What do I call if the user clicks "cancel" on the download dialog?

Cancel? :> Don't provide a button just yet..


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