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Re: gnome-apt screenshot, more questions

BTW, you can now stop CC'ing me, I'm receiving the list fine.

On Nov 26, Havoc Pennington decided to present us with:
> On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Lalo Martins wrote:
> > 
> >   1a: There should be "purge" too.
> Easy to add more checkboxes, but I don't know how to do this with Apt.
> There is no MarkPurge() function with the MarkDelete, MarkInstall,
> MarkKeep functions. 

Hmm. Them IMHO apt is wrong. :-)

> Well, they are radio buttons in effect; i.e. if you click install, then
> keep gets unmarked. I could draw them like radio buttons, I just thought
> the check button look was nicer. (This is a purely cosmetic issue, so
> let's not worry about it. All cosmetics can eventually be changed or made
> configurable.) 

Not exactly "just" cosmetics. Maybe I'm an UI purist, but it's a
widely accepted UI concept is that if something looks like a
checkbox then it has to be a checkbox, so that users don't get

Actually, I have some good UI bookmarks, should I post them?

(Also, it would be easier for you to use radio buttons, since
you're spending a lot of code to duplicate their functionality,
and that code will have to be maintaned)

> >   1d: Why change "hold" for "keep"? Of course "keep" sounds
> >   better, but why introduce a UI incompatibility?
> I copied the old Apt screenshot (Jason gave the rationale just now I
> guess). However we have no Hold button; should we have a Hold check box?

Also, Jason said:
> Hold does not mean keep, keep means it is not going to change for this
> run, hold means it is fixed to not change ever.

Them, again, IMHO apt is wrong. Unless it's intentional not to
use /var/lib/dpkg/status and change things a lot.

> >   1e: Visually, I think the action selection would look better
> >   using that popup-selection widget (don't know the name of the
> >   corresponding GTK widget, but I mean the one that corresponds
> >   to a non-multiple <select> HTML tag)
> GtkOptionMenu? 
> The problem is that the tree view can't have widgets in it; they are too
> slow. It is all drawn manually to a pixmap then copied to the screen in a
> single operation. Menus would be sort of busy anyway, IMO.  Check boxes
> are clean.

Sorry, I don't get it. Aren't the checkbox widgets too? And
customized widgets even, since they behave like checkboxes?
Well, whatever :-)

> We can also reduce the space they take up by using
> abbreviations for the column titles (DKI, not Del Keep Inst). 

Yes, that would look better than the OptionMenu.

> > (duplicate dependency listings)
> See Jason's comment; I'm not sure how to avoid this anyway (for each
> dependency, go back up the tree looking for it?).

We can leave that for later; surely there's some easy way, but
let's not waste brains at this point :-)

> > (position of the package info)
> This is pretty trivial, but I'm not going to do it until things are
> working better.

So could you put it at the bottom or left by default please? :-)
[Unless someone disagrees]

> > (gdeb and the "Relationships" page)
> I like the relationships page, I'm just not sure where to put it.

See my comments on gdeb configurability at the end of the

> > (x) Hold    - leave package in its current state
> > ( ) Install - install or upgrade the package
> > ( ) Remove  - uninstall the package, leaving its configuration behind
> > ( ) Purge   - uninstall the package, deleting its configuration
> I like this, I don't want to make it a separate thing though, just put it
> in with the other status info. Since this is both info and a UI at the
> same time.


> > (gdeb display modes)
> Once I figure out the contents of the Info/Description panes, I can figure
> out how to put them in a notebook or not... I don't know exactly what info
> we want here yet or how much will fit...

No, I'm talking about "libgdeb" :-) Get back to the shots if you
wish. The idea is that the code to figure this info and display
it will be in a small lib that will be used by gnome-apt and
gdeb (and whoever else wants). So I add more gdeb_*_new functions
to retrieve the pseudo-widget in some form other than a
notebook. Wait and see; in the meanwhile concentrate on the tree

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