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New version (yeah!)

Okay. It's done, it works, it fixes 20 bugs :> The only limitations from
the 0.1.x series is that it does not support HTTP pipelining (http is much
slower) or FTP.

The only problem is that the man pages are out of date (esp apt-cache) and
the config file is not documented. I have updated the users guide already
and made some -minor- tweaks to the man pages.

So, we need packaging and a quiet release into experimental. It is to be
called 0.3.0.

On the libapt issue, I think that for now we should simply have these

libapt-doc [Maybe combine with above? Whatever makes sense]

If it becomes an issue in the future then we can do something.

I'm going to work on the CDROM method now and Adam is still working on the
FTP method. I expect to have working CDROM support by the end of the week,
so please hurry with the Docs + Packaging, it would be nice to have a
stable release available for slinks release.


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