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Re: ftp handling should be more robust

   Yes this is true, but dare I ask why you are using ftp to an HTTP enabled

Because  I used  ftp  before apt,  it works  now,  and I  use very  similar
configuration  files for  many servers,  and I  don't know  if all  of them
support http.

By  the  way,  I  miss  very   much  a  way  to  define  multiple  possible
configurations  (to  different  servers)  and  switch  among  them  easily.
Currently, if  I have  routing problems  to one server,  or the  server has
problems on its own, or  if it is slow at a given time of  the day, I go to
/etc/apt and copy one of my  config files over to sources.list.  I'd like a
menu with conf. files and the ability to choose among them.


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