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Volunteer software efforts ...

Some points have been made on this that strike me as
contradictory to debian's other stated objectives.  I think
lofty goals like "world domination" aren't achieveable with
messages like "please use our software to run your business
and sustain your livelihood, but don't have any expectations
whatsoever and don't think you're entitled to depend on it
for anything".  That is childish and that's what will keep
free software on the back burner.  Whatever small gains the
netscape thing brings will be short lived for this reason.
Any relationship is a two way street -- even if you pretend
its not.

I'm done posting on this, so please don't Cc me directly.
If I have any interest in what you have to say, I'll read
the archives.  You don't need to take my word for anything,
do whatever you like and let time be the judge.

By the by, I too have volunteerd many an hour for debian, so
this crap about me being some "ungrateful user" is nonsense.
I'm very grateful for linux (which debian did not write) and
for the FSF and the BSD efforts, and for the various linux
distributions -- especially debian.  As soon as things
settle down (probably not until June) I plan on reactivating
my account on master and re-entering superior martyrdom by
picking up the maintenance on somebody else's upstream
software.  Then I too can unblock my nose at the unwary
user and fart in their general direction.



"Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living 
things, we will not ourselves find peace" -Albert Schweitzer

Richard G. Roberto

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