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Re: Perl depenancy loop


	pkg-order special cases stuff like the typical case of
 pkg and pkg-dev going from libc5 to libc6

 a) a package (Y) to be installed conflicts with a package X << version a
 b) pkg X version a is installed
 c) pkg a is to be upgraded to version b
 d) pkg Y depends on pkg X version b
	The most common case is solved by upgrading package X before
 upgrading Y first

	That fails in the case of perl, where the dependency d is
 replaced by:
 e) pkg X version b depends on Y
	You are right, it can only be done as:
   dpkg -i --auto-deconfigure perl-base_*.deb || true
  dpkg -i perl_*.deb || true
  dpkg --pending --configure

	If we can handle case I correctly, we have to identify and
 isolate any instances of CASE II

	So, for all packages to be installed, if there is a conflict
 against an installed package; and the conflict is related to a
 version number such that the conflict is (<, <<, or <= version a,),
 and if the conflicted with package is to be upgraded in this install,
 then; if the new version of the conflicted with package depends on
 the original package (the one with the conflict), then mark the
 remove and two upgrades to be handled specially in the breaks

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