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new ideas/developer...

Hello All,	
	I am possibly intrested in getting involved with the deity
project. I have started a similar type of project that can be
merged/elimated with deity.
The projects current name is Win-stall (standing for Web Install)
(it is also a neat little pun of sorts) (this name is not proprietary and
can be used for the final output of deity)
	Win-stall does work in an elemtary way and needs a bit of work
to be ready for prime time. 

ex: you can run it and it will
a) display current packages
b) allow you to select a package for installation and will install that

The current location is ftp://ftp.shorelink.com/pub/seul/winstall.tar

It comes into being three different programs that I see as part of what
deity is trying to be. (I am not sure if you have actually broken the
three different parts up in your mind)

The three things as I see it that a new installation program has do are:
1) user interface and selection	(winstall's current winstall.pl)
2) package installation and checker (webdo)
3) package obtaining (gogetit.pl a very lame program currently)

I used Perl as a base because it is as system adminstration language
and is designed for this type of work.
Unfortunatly, I have not yet written a whole design guide and the like.

Unforunatly, I do not have two machines one for developement and one for
testing. That is fine for the current project as it would run/develop
fine on the base debian system (the intial 4-7 disks) + a webserver + lynx
If I work on deity I need a list of what I need to get and where.

If you want a background info, email me.
Matthew Hirsch
Email: mph@dorsai.org            	Sat Nav: 40 46'deg N 73 59' deg W

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