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Re: Package unions (fwd)

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Behan Webster wrote:

> I am working on an idea more like dpkg --set-selections.  A file lists a
> set of pacakges that constitues a certain kind of debian setup (e.g.
> minimum setup, server, X workstatio, etc.).  The only thing this is used
> for is the initial setup and it has no ongoing affect as to the packages
> installed on the system.
> What are other people's opinions and ideas?

Yeah, I agree with you, and was thinking more along the lines of what you
said. A way to bulk single shot install/upgrade/remove a group of

The information for these sets would not be in the packages file and would
not be part of the Dependancy mechanism.

BTw, did you get the last um.. 4-5 emails in the past two days, and are
back on the list, etc?


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