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Re: predepends on libc6? (fwd)

Anyone else thinking that maybe we should just immediately configure all
essential packages?

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Subject: Re: predepends on libc6?
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I've just tried to strace dpkg -i libc6, and look at the result; _that_  
install needs

dpkg (dpkg, dpkg-split, dpkg-deb, libdpkg)
fileutils (rm)
ldso (ldconfig)

So we'd probably need pre-depends dpkg->(gzip,tar,fileutils)->libc->ldso.

Of these, we have tar->libc6, fileutils->libc6, libc6->ldso.

By the way, shouldn't Pre-Depends: only be used for Essential: yes  
packages? I see Pre-Depends: without Essential: in the following packages:  
libc5, libc6, perl, netstd, elvis-tiny, libreadline2 - probably some of  
these ought to be essential, and the others not use pre-depends?

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