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Depends expansion and Virtual Packages


Deity can now let you browse the depends list, still need to make the
icons work and the +/- show properly but it looks fairly nice as is.. 

However, how should virtual packages be handled? They can't be selected
for installation so what should be done? One option that comes to mind is
to have a 3rd level of expansion where you can expand the virtual package
list to see all of the possible canidates.. 

What should I do here Behan?

<snapshot from text version>
    Package            Cur-Version      Inst-Version
   Unknown                                                x
-*-|egcc              1.0-1                               x
-*-||gcc                               x
  -|||libc5-dev                                           x
  -|||libg++27-dev                     x
  -|||libg++-dev                                          x
  -|||libc-dev                                            x
-*-|||libc6           2.0.5c-0.1                          x
-*-|||cpp                              x
-*-|||cpp                              x
-*-|||binutils                        x
  -||libc5-dev                                            x
  -||libstdc++-dev                                        x
  -||libc-dev                                             x
-*-||libc6            2.0.5c-0.1                          x
-*-||binutils                        x
-*-|kernel-image-2.0. 1.00                                x
-*-|libstdc++2.8      1.0-1                               x
-*-|libstdc++2.8-dev  1.0-1                               x
-*-|pgp-i             2.6.3a-1                            x
-*-|rxvt-cursorpad    2.20-4.2                            x
-*-|xv                3.10a-15                            x      
[Forgive the multiple levels of expansion, it is for testing only and
 will be removed fairly soon, Oh, forgive the lack of +/- too.. ]
Someday I will figure out how to draw line characters with slang and make
those lines look nice. Till then bare with me...

libg++-dev and libc-dev are virtual packages. cpp is shown twice because
gcc has a line like:
  Depends: libc6, cpp (>=, cpp (<<, binutils (>=2.8-1)

Arg, this is going to be painfull! :> The tree display will not show the
version target information from the dep (?)

Apparently libc5-dev is obsolete and no longer exists in anyform (how
should that look?) Oh hmfr, there are 13 packages that depend on it too..


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