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Re: Context menus

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > That is what "keep" means.  The state in which the user leaves the UI is
> > the state it should come up again in the next invocation of deity.  This
> > includes if a particular package was not upgraded (or in other words the
> > old version was kept).  If you liken this to dselect, if the last thing
> > a user did was not upgrade a package, then there is an implicit hold.
> > The new version will be offered to the user on successive invocations of
> > deity, but the left hand buttons will remain on "keep" until the user
> > clicks "inst" again.  At this point deity will automatically assume that
> > the user will want to upgrade to progessive versions again.  Does that
> > make sense?
> Hrm, this doesn't really help the situation I'm thinking of, lets say..
>    -I wish to never have libreadline changed.
>    -Right now I have Version 2.2 installed which is also the install
>     version
>    -Because of that the UI shows the state as 'keep' (no action needed)
>    -Since keep is already selected how can I indicate I don't want it to
>     be auto upgraded?
> (This might be handled with the version thingy below?)

Whoa!  You're right!  I have it one way in my head and another in my
document!  For this situation there should only be a "delete" check box
and no "keep" radio button (a bit like a new package).

Consistency checking is a good thing!  One point for Jason!

> Well, if you say 'I want 2.2' then when does the program decide that you
> no longer want to remain at 2.2 and it is free to offer new versions for
> installation. Or does it simply never offer a new upgrade.

Simply put, do what the user had you do last time.  If last time you
upgraded, default to "inst".  If the user last clicked "keep" then
default to "keep" (but the "Inst version" should be the new one).

> I suppose it could decide that if you want 2.2 and 2.2 is already
> installed then you don't really want 2.2 and it should remove 'Target
> Version'. However that strikes me as a bit unintuitive..

Well, actually, that is the way I wanted it.  I think it's much more
intuitive to not show a version to install if there is nothing new to
install.  In fact, you will find the deity UI spec shows this in the
sample screens included therin.

> The way I have been working it is that the user can flexably control the
> Install Version field which has a direct effect on what will be installed.
> Parameters like TargetVersion and TargetDistribution control what is
> offered for each package.

I'll have to look at that closer once I have the deity package
downloaded.  It failed the first time through.  I am now redownloading
the package.  8(  can I ftp this instead of http?  Then I could do a

> > In our case we're pretty sure it's the PCI chipset.  It's crashing both
> > Linux and NT machines (both no mean feats), and it is only really
> > affected by activity of PCI devices (SCSI and video cards).  We're
> > trying to get the manufacturer to replace the motherboards, but we're
> > having problems.  8(
> Yuk, crappy BrandX motherboards?

Not at all!  These are top of the line dual pentium-II TYAN boards!  We
should not be having these problems considering how much money we've



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