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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#702062: Bug#702062: [thunar] [thunar] Can freeze X session used together with xarchiver to open a file in a password protected archive

El dom, 3 mar 2013 a las 10:34 horas
Lili-Anne Girard escribi?:

>2013/3/2 Manolo D?az <diaz.manolo at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> Suppose that xarchiver is the default thunar action when clicking an
>> archive file and that it's password protected (tested rar and zip
>> archive types). If you double-click any file in the archiver tree view
>> thunar will freeze the X session.
>If you double-click a password protected archive in the archiver tree
>view, what makes you think that this is Thunar and not xarchiver who
>freeze the whole desktop ?
>> You can still switch to a VT or
>> terminate the X session with Ctl+Alt+Bksp, but nothing more. Unsaved
>> changes will be lost. When xarchiver is launched standalone this
>> doesn't happen.
>I can easily reproduce it with xarchiver launched alone.
>Start xarchiver, click on Open in the toolbar or Archive -> Open in the
>menubar and select your rar password protected archive and click on
>Open. The desktop seems to freeze but what's happening here is that rar,
>the command line tool used by xarchiver to extract your archive, waits
>for a password to be entered somewhere but xarchiver doesn't provide any
>dialog to enter your password.
>Of course, the whole desktop should not freeze, but it's clearly a bug in
>xarchiver not Thunar.
>> Regards,
>> Manolo D?az

That's not my experience. When launched standalone, say using xfrun4,
xarchiver fails with an error message and I can easely close it. The
same happens when launched from pcmanfm.

Launched from a terminal xarchiver misbehaves. It's a bug and it's
reported (#633598). Xarchive freezes, but the desktop is still

When launched from thunar instead I can't close anything. All I can do
is to move the mouse pointer around the screen, change to a VT or
terminate the session. Nothing more. That's what makes me think that is
thunar who freeze the desktop.

Manolo D?az

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