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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#702062: Bug#702062: [thunar] [thunar] Can freeze X session used together with xarchiver to open a file in a password protected archive

2013/3/2 Manolo D?az <diaz.manolo at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Suppose that xarchiver is the default thunar action when clicking an
> archive file and that it's password protected (tested rar and zip
> archive types). If you double-click any file in the archiver tree view
> thunar will freeze the X session.

If you double-click a password protected archive in the archiver tree
view, what makes you think that this is Thunar and not xarchiver who
freeze the whole desktop ?

> You can still switch to a VT or
> terminate the X session with Ctl+Alt+Bksp, but nothing more. Unsaved
> changes will be lost. When xarchiver is launched standalone this
> doesn't happen.

I can easily reproduce it with xarchiver launched alone.

Start xarchiver, click on Open in the toolbar or Archive -> Open in the
menubar and select your rar password protected archive and click on
Open. The desktop seems to freeze but what's happening here is that rar,
the command line tool used by xarchiver to extract your archive, waits
for a password to be entered somewhere but xarchiver doesn't provide any
dialog to enter your password.

Of course, the whole desktop should not freeze, but it's clearly a bug in
xarchiver not Thunar.

> Regards,
> Manolo D?az


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