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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#562224: Bug#562224: xfce4-goodies: Factual conflict with Gnome

retitle 562224 xfce4-goodies should allow notification-daemon as alternative to xfce4-notifyd
found 562224 4.6.1
notfound 562224
severity 562224 wishlist

> I guess you're reporting against the lenny version but you meant
> against the squeeze/unstable one?

Yes. Sorry.

> So that's not that problem which prevents you to install xfce4-goodies
> along with gnome. Could you elaborate a bit more (and provide real
> material)?

Ok, you are right. It was just an issue of the upgrade path;
safe-upgrade would not upgrade xfce4-goodies, because that would have
require the removal of notification-daemon.

> No, that's not possible. Only one notification daemon can be installed
> as the same time. That's the case for all dbus services (because of
> file conflicts, for example). One solution could be to use alternatives,
> but that wouldn't solve the problems for multiple users anyway.

Then please lessen the dependency to
  xfce4-notifyd | notification-daemon
since xfce4-notifyd is currently unsatisfactory for me. Many gnome
applications expect the notification-daemon to support simple HTML tags
such as <b>, which they use to produce formatted messages. The resulting
messages displayed by xfce4-notifyd are completely unreadable.
Therefore I had to replace it with GNOMEs notification-daemon again,
which forced me to uninstall xfce4-goodies.

The markup seems to be part of the current notification specification:
which xfce4-notifyd claims to support. If indeed most/all of the
applications using this fail to set some flag to indicate they are using
this formatting (and gnome n-d does some automagic), bugs should be
failed for the individual applications, obviously, though.


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