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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#562224: Bug#562224: xfce4-goodies: Factual conflict with Gnome

On 24/12/2009 00:18, Erich Schubert wrote:
> Package: xfce4-goodies
> Version:

I guess you're reporting against the lenny version but you meant against
the squeeze/unstable one?

> Severity: normal
> AFAICT you cannot install xfce4-goodies on a system which also has Gnome
> installed. This makes the meta-package useless for systems that also have
> Gnome users.
> ---
> xfce4-goodies DEPENDS xfce4-notifyd
> gnome-power-manager DEPENDS notification-daemon
> gnome-core DEPENDS gnome-power-manager
> xfce4-notifyd CONFLICTS notification-daemon


corsac at hidalgo: apt-cache show xfce4-notifyd | grep notification
Provides: notification-daemon
Conflicts: notification-daemon, notification-daemon-xfce

So that's not that problem which prevents you to install xfce4-goodies
along with gnome. Could you elaborate a bit more (and provide real
> ---
> Please find a way that allows the admin of a system with Gnome installed to
> just install "xfce4-goodies" without having to uninstall parts of Gnome.
> (E.g. lessening the 'depends' to a 'recommends', or allowing Gnome
> notification-daemon as an alternative to the xfce4-notifyd)
> Feel free to also reassign/clone this bug to xfce4-notifyd - ideally, it could
> be installed in parallel to gnome notification daemon; because after all,
> a system might have users with a gnome preference AND other users with a
> xfce preference.

No, that's not possible. Only one notification daemon can be installed
as the same time. That's the case for all dbus services (because of file
conflicts, for example). One solution could be to use alternatives, but
that wouldn't solve the problems for multiple users anyway.


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