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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#559402: Bug#559402: xfce4-panel: 'Editor' launcher freezes entire X session

Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at debian.org>:

> Can you try to debug what is happening (like, if it's because there's a
> huge cpu usage, or if xfwm is stuck, or something like that).

The entire session is in stopped state ('T' in ps). Killing joe and
sending SIGCONT to the session actually recovers it.

> Can you try to install a graphical editor (like mousepad) and retry?

I had it already installed, and no problems with it, of course.

> The thing is, there is no x-sensible-editor. So if you have no graphical
> editor, yes it'll fallback to terminal ones. But it works perfectly fine
> with vim and nano, afair. Never tried with joe though, so maybe that's
> the problem, not sure.

Sensible-editor doesn't work this way. Unlike sensible-browser it
doesn't prioritize X editors.

Vim is X-aware, so no surprises here, and nano refuses to run if stdin
is not a terminal:

$ nano < /dev/null

Joe doesn't (which is actually useful for running it as part of a
pipeline), and as it is a terminal program, it ends messing the
controlling terminal of the X session. Questions I can think of are:

* Does any of the X programs actually need a controlling terminal? If
  not, perhaps xinit should detach itself from the terminal?

* If they need a controlling terminal, does any of them actually need
  to open it? If not, perhaps it should be put into exclusive mode?

Using any of the above safeguards would be nice.

And of course the default 'Editor' launcher still needs to be fixed.
Even if it stops freezing the session, it still doesn't do anything
useful if the editor run by sensible-editor is a non-X one.

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