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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#559402: Bug#559402: xfce4-panel: 'Editor' launcher freezes entire X session

On ven., 2009-12-04 at 03:48 +0100, Piotr Engelking wrote:
> Clicking the 'Editor' launcher, which is part of the default Xfce panel
> configuration (Panel 2, at the bottom) in squeeze, freezes the entire X
> session (xfce4-session). The mouse pointer moves, but programs do not
> react to mouse clicks or keypresses. Apparently, the only way to
> recover is to kill -9 the session from the console.

Can you try to debug what is happening (like, if it's because there's a
huge cpu usage, or if xfwm is stuck, or something like that).

> The launcher runs sensible-editor, which in turn runs joe.

Can you try to install a graphical editor (like mousepad) and retry? 

> There are two issues here: First, the launcher should either run an X
> editor, or run sensible-editor from the terminal.

The thing is, there is no x-sensible-editor. So if you have no graphical
editor, yes it'll fallback to terminal ones. But it works perfectly fine
with vim and nano, afair. Never tried with joe though, so maybe that's
the problem, not sure.

>  Second, the design of
> the launchers is very non-robust. Such a misconfiguration should not
> hang the entire X session. 

Agreed, but it never happened before so?

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