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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Build-depends discrepancies between Debian and Ubuntu Xfce packages

On 8/9/05, Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 08:07:05PM +0300, Jani Monoses wrote:
> > One other change is to the mcs-plugins to provide display resolution
> > manipulation by relying on xrandr & co. (I see there's a debian bug
> > opened on this one)

the diff has a lot of mess to due to config.sub and config.guess
pieces included :(
It adds libxrandr-dev, libxrender-dev, libxxf86vm-dev to build-deps.
Need to be on xorg though, that's why I asked if the debian packages
are supposed to work with xfree86 too.


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