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Bug#664731: --configure fails when both amd64 and i386 are installed

Andrey Rahmatullin <wrar@wrar.name> (20/03/2012):
> Today 2.4.30-1 upgraded to 2.4.32-1 and failed to configure:
> dpkg: error: --configure needs a valid package name but 'libdrm2' is not:
> ambiguous package name 'libdrm2' with more than one installed instance
> I have both libdrm2:i386 and libdrm2:amd64 installed, they were installed using
> 1.16.2~wipmultiarch.

I can reproduce it in a newly-created, clean chroot; so I guess dpkg/sid
isn't perfect yet. Feel free to reassign this bug report to dpkg once
you've checked that on your end too.


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