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Trouble with settings daemons at startup

clone 614682 -1 -2
forwarded 614682 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=634988
reassign 614682 gnome-settings-daemon
reassign -1 xserver-xorg-core
retitle -1 X server incorrectly reports a running settings daemon
reassign -2 xfce4-settings 
retitle -2 xfce4-settings-daemon should try again when X reports a running Xsettings manager

The upstream bug linked here ^ explains what is happening. It is not a
bug in gdm3, which properly waits for gnome-session to exit (which in
turns waits for gnome-settings-daemon) before launching anything. 

However the X server does not properly clean up its state immediately,
leading to a race condition. If the startup is very fast (which is usual
for Xfce users or SSD owners), the new settings daemon receives wrong
information from the X server that a settings daemon is still running,
while actually it is not.

GNOME upstreams applied an ugly workaround in gnome-settings-daemon,
which consists in waiting 20 times 0.1 second, checking whether it can
You might want to do the same in xfce4-settings until the X server is
fixed (or until the Xsettings specification is updated to not rely on a
racy mechanism).

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