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Bug#586485: Regression: can't resume after suspend-to-RAM

> Thanks, I'm tagging this bug report accordingly then.

I upgraded my kernel and xserver-xorg-* debs to the versions
in unstable, as you suggested.

With KMS disabled, suspend and resume continue to work OK.

With KMS re-enabled, I still see the black screen after
resuming.  There is no change in behavior from the previous
versions (from the testing distribution).  Switching virtual
terminals works fine (very quickly) prior to the suspend, but
after the resume the screen remains black after switching
VTs (I was able to log in as root and capture the log file,
but only "blindly").

I'll see if I can upload the kernel and Xorg logs from a
session during which I suspended, resumed, and saw the
black screen.  The logs indicate that KMS is enabled, and
is apparently used during the initial setup of the screen
and during VT-switch.

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