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Bug#613264: xserver-xorg-video-intel: driver does not always restore the LVDS1 display on clone setup after using openGL

Thomas Richter <thor@math.tu-berlin.de> (23/02/2011):
> I currently updated to, and there the problem remains.
> However, I found that there is one trick that seem to work, namely
> to enable the Xinerama option of the intel driver. It doesn't change
> the capabilities of the intel driver in my specific configuration
> (specifically, it doesn't provide multi-desktop view or a working
> panning on the cloned screen), but I *once* got it working to
> re-enable the output. Especially, I'm not quite sure what X wants to
> tell me with "incorrect timing on crt1" (sp?).

Neither do I. :)

> Please let me know as soon as a backport of a newer version of the
> intel driver is available (or is there already?) and I'll try again
> with this version and

Not yet. Announces will probably go through Debian XSF News (DXN) I'm
publishing on my blog: http://blog.ikibiki.org/tags/xorg

> Greetings, Thomas
> Maybe pipeline A is connected to the VGA output in this specific
> configuration whereas pipeline B is connected to LVDS, and then the
> setup or timing is so screwed that the intel driver cannot re-enable
> pipeline A or re-connect it to LVDS?

I really don't know.


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