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Bug#613264: xserver-xorg-video-intel: driver does not always restore the LVDS1 display on clone setup after using openGL


Thomas Richter <thor@math.tu-berlin.de> (13/02/2011):
> If tiling is enabled and VGA1 output is connected to a secondary
> display, and then a program is started that uses 3D graphics and
> rendering acceleration (as for example tuxracer), and the program is
> terminated, then sometimes(!) the output on VGA1 remains active, but
> the LVDS1 (laptop display) remains blank and cannot be reenabled by
> any means but restarting the X server. […]

I'm not sure where that belongs (X driver, X server, mesa, or kernel);
we'll try to provide with backports as documented here:

I guess something you could easily try without changing too many
packages on your squeeze system is a newer kernel (says 2.6.37 from
sid or 2.6.38rc from experimental). That might help us rule out at
least one component.


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