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Bug#546836: Bug confirmed: Matrox G550 unusable under squeeze

Etienne Vogt <evogt@free.fr> (26/01/2011):
> I checked in /usr/local and found nothing obvious (no old libraries
> there), but this system is old, it was first installed in Debian
> potatoe and upgraded all the way up to squeeze over the time.  The
> system that works fine was installed in lenny and upgraded to
> squeeze.  I also tried removing old files in /etc/X11/ (not present
> on the working system) without success.

That reminds me of some bug report where there were some libraries
left over from really old stuff, like X11R6 files. You may want to try
locate or find and see whether there are such files left. You could
also try ldd on /usr/bin/Xorg (though I'm not sure it was that binary
which was picking up old libraries).


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