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Bug#598528: unstable on GNU/kFreeBSD

2010/9/29, Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org>:
> Will nevertheless stress it a little bit more than usual to see if I
> can reproduce anything similar. Any X programs you can recommend to
> try to reproduce this?

Most of the time a large gnome-terminal occupies my X session.  I figure
if it is correlated to stressful activity it must be either dpkg-buildpackage or
rsync printing lots of text.

I wish I could ssh in and try to gather more debug info, but I really lack the
time right now.

>> As a workaround I switched to xserver-xorg-video-vesa.
> Does that one work with more than the VESA defined resolutions? E.g.
> 2048x1152?

I don't think so.

> I'm hesistant to removing that driver completely just because it causes
> problems with (at least) some cards, but not all. I'd rather try to
> blacklist the driver on kfreebsd (only) for the cards known to cause
> problems on kfreebsd.
> [...]
> Yeah, this sucks big, and therefore I'm happy that I still have a
> working intel driver at least for Squeeze's lifetime.

I understand.  Mixed feelings here too.  This bug is about a short term
problem, but in long term if situation isn't resolved upstream it seems
cooperation with FreeBSD et al to create an UMS fork would be the
only option (assuming manpower will be available).

Robert Millan

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