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Bug#598528: unstable on GNU/kFreeBSD


Robert Millan wrote:
> This driver behaves unreliably on GNU/kFreeBSD.  After a while of running it
> (usually 1 or 2 h) screen stops updating (I didn't determine whether X
> crashed, but disk and network activity indicate there's no kernel crash).
> Same version of xserver-xorg-video-intel on same hardware, running on GNU/Linux
> doesn't exhibit this problem.

I just had strange stability problems with 2.12 on kfreebsd before
they removed UMS. (Like vertically garbled screen shortly after
login.) But 2.9.1 works fine here on my EeeBox.

Will nevertheless stress it a little bit more than usual to see if I
can reproduce anything similar. Any X programs you can recommend to
try to reproduce this?

> As a workaround I switched to xserver-xorg-video-vesa.

Does that one work with more than the VESA defined resolutions? E.g.

> I think unless this can be fixed it'd be better not to provide this
> driver on GNU/kFreeBSD squeeze,

I'm hesistant to removing that driver completely just because it causes
problems with (at least) some cards, but not all. I'd rather try to
blacklist the driver on kfreebsd (only) for the cards known to cause
problems on kfreebsd.

> so that users will fallback to -vesa and at least get a working
> setup. Also, support for non-Linux is discontinued on later versions
> anyway, much regretably.

Yeah, this sucks big, and therefore I'm happy that I still have a
working intel driver at least for Squeeze's lifetime.

		Regards, Axel
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