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Bug#577558: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: steady rate display locks up with OpenGL + slow screen redraw with ncurse apps

Hi Alexandre.

alexandre <ac007@bluewin.ch> (12/04/2010):
> * small display locks up, at regular interval (locks for ~1-2
>   seconds, moves for ~1 second, repeat) in OpenGL apps (glxgears,
>   geomview, googleearth).
> * verry slow screen redraw with ncurse applications (Aptitude),
>   particularly noticeable in rxvt-unicode but also, to a lesser
>   extent, in xterm. An incremental search in Aptitude, for instance,
>   makes this problem apparent : you could literraly see line redraws
>   with each new char entered in the search prompt.

Is this still happening with current sid (including X, kernel, mesa)?


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