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Bug#588785: #588785 xterm: consider supporting freedesktop.org style clipboard behavior

Thomas Dickey <dickey@his.com> writes:
> I saw something like that, the first time I tried the script, but am
> unsure where the problem lies.  But then I ran a few more times
> without encountering the bug (puzzled).
> If it's more/less reproducible, I might be able to see something with
> a debug-trace (unless the problem lies in the X libraries).

I see it quite often but not always :-)

The attached xterm.xtrace.bz2 shows how the terminal works for a while
but then stops responding. When it stopped responding I typed
"terminal is not responding" or something like that so that you can
find it from the trace (if you convert the keycodes back to ascii...).

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