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mesa-common-dev, libdrm-dev and Launchpad bug 490811


A while ago I noticed that it was possible to install packages in
Ubuntu (yes yes, bear with me) such that no packages are broken but
pkg-config fails, saying that libdrm is not found. As far as I can
tell, this is due to mesa-common-dev's dri.pc having the line
"Requires.private: libdrm >= x.y.z", but mesa-common-dev doesn't
depend on libdrm.pc.

The reason I'm telling you is because this dependency has been added
in Ubuntu's mesa-common-dev, but the maintainer told me to ask Debian
about this as well... so, here I am :)

In short, is this a valid bug? I can't come up with a reasonable
explanation other than that. Second, what do you think of the fix?

The Launchpad bug (and patch) is at


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