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Bug#575965: xserver-xorg-video-intel: Random complete freezes of whole system

Juha Jäykkä <juhaj@iki.fi> (31/03/2010):
> > X freezes are usually just important, adjusting.
> I think this makes X completely unusable, but whatever, I am not the
> boss. =)

vesa may help in the meanwhile?

> The testing/squeeze version certainly has the same problems: I
> downgraded from that version earlier back to 2.9.0 because of that,
> but mistakenly upgraded later and now I do not have 2.9.0 anywhere
> any more (besides I think 2.9.0 needs an older X core as well etc).

Sounds like a kernel issue then? I hope you'll be able to get some
traces at some point. :)

> I could give a try to 2:2.10.903-1 from experimental, though...

Yes please; it'd be trivial to identify the fix, should it run fine.

> > Could you also give the 2.6.32-4-$arch kernel from sid a try? It
> > might have some DRM-related fixes (backported from 2.6.33 and
> > maybe later), which may help.
> Unless you tell me that the iwlagn-memory-reservation-bug is also
> backported into .32-4

I do not see it mentioned in 2.6.32-9 or 2.6.32-10 changelog entries
for linux-2.6, so probably not in 2.6.32-4-$arch kernels.

> I will not. That was as annoying as this. (See
> https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14141 for details.) On a
> second thought... that caused no data loss, this does... I will
> upgrade to the latest .33 first (along with that 2.10.903).

X crashing is no data loss. Data loss means you lost data you
wrote. Crashing X means you didn't save soon enough. (See FS-related
bugs, those are usually data loss. Or broken DB writes.)

I know it's annoying, but still, it doesn't qualify as such. ;)


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