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Bug#572268: xserver-xorg-core: Crash, Segmentation fault, VidModeSetGamma+0x67, xf86ChangeGamma+0x4b


Marcin Szewczyk <debian.bugreport@wodny.org> (03/03/2010):
> It's probably the case (it sounds like I knew what I'm writing
> about), because after a crash (on a text vt) I can see the same
> backtrace as previously (at least the function from the frame #9
> doesn't appear).

I'm a bit lost here. Trying to get things properly, can we talk about
only gdb traces, so as to make sure we don't mix everything together?

So my question: Can you now obtain two different gdb backtraces now?

The patch I've just cherry-picked should help (that's for the extra
function that gets called in the “new” trace) getting rid of the crash

It could be that:
 - My first patch does something, but that's not sufficient.
 - My first patch serves no purposes at all.

In order to test that, I've included both patches for now, and
hopefully you might get a working system. If that's the case, I'll
probably provide you with an extra set of packages with only the
cherry-picked patch. Depending on the outcome, we should learn whether
my first patch was useful at all. (So that I can forward it to either
xorg-devel@ or /dev/null.)

I've prepared binary packages for i386 including both my first patch,
and the cherry-picked one. You can fetch them from:

(Those packages will probably go away once I'm done with this bug.)

Installing both xserver-xorg-core and xserver-xorg-core-dbg should be


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