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RE: Bug#533450: maintaining poulsbo in Debian

Hi Holger,

First of all many many thanks for taking the initiative on the PSB front. We all know that so far getting psb to work is a pain.

>but no real success so far..
As Adam asked, what problem are you facing? Are you able to build the psb and drm component?

Couple of weeks back I wrote a step-by-step guide [1] to get psb working on Debian Squeeze. Please give a shot to these pre-built squeeze packages [2] and see if they work for you or not. I have been able to build the driver against Lenny, Squeeze and Testing. 3D did not work in Lenny because of lack of dri2 (I think) in the Lenny's XOrg version.

Basically I took changes from Adam repo and added couple of more changes to get it working. For example, I had to remove the dpatch lines from debian/rules and added the relevant changes to file drm_sysfs.c directly. Also make sure that "Option Ignore ACPI 1" line is un-commented in xorg.conf.

Of course there are some ugly hacks as overwriting libdrm files and some odd symlinking to get them working as Adam mentioned. All these details are captured in [1].

I would be more than happy to extend any help that you may need in creating these packages for Debian.


[1] http://blogs.koolwal.net/2009/11/05/howto-compiling-intel-atom-poulsbo-gma-500-graphics-driver-on-debian/

[2] http://blogs.koolwal.net/wp-content/uploads/debian/packages/psb/xorg/

Kushal Koolwal

I do blog at http://blogs.koolwal.net/
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