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Bug#524794: libgl1-mesa-dri: OpenGL apps redraw over any other window

jcristau@debian.org (2009-11-06 at 1838.42 +0100):
> What's the status of this bug?

Updated and the DRI info now is:
OpenGL vendor string: DRI R300 Project
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R300 (RV350 4152) 20090101 AGP 8x x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE TCL
OpenGL version string: 1.5 Mesa 7.6

Currently they do not redraw on top of other windows, but screen
captures still cause problems (black zones for 2D apps over 3D apps,
when using ImageMagick's import). Better, but still some issues.


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