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Bug#531797: request for more information

sean finney writes:

 > right.  i suspect that the problem is not in the compiz binary but
 > one the libraries or plugins shipped in compiz (most likely
 > libcompizconfig, which is linked to by both compiz.real and ccsm)


 > >  > what window manager are you using?  it could be that the problem only
 > >  > asserts itself in non-gnome installations.
 > > 
 > > compiz, isnt't it a window manager? in alternative to compiz i use
 > > {,v}twm --- i cannot say that i have no gnome on my pc, but i'd prefer
 > > not to
 > > 
 > > that said, if all else fails, i can install compiz, with all of its
 > > gnome dependencies
 > sorry, i kinda blurred what i meant: s/window manager/desktop
 > environment/.

no desktop environments here, only a plain window manager + screenlets

 > in other words, what do you choose when you log in on your system
 > before you start compiz?  are you starting vtwm and then compiz via
 > an .xinitrc, or...?

i start either compiz or vtwm (or twm, or gwm, etc) from the console
command line, using a set of aliases that expand to something like

% startx ~/.xsession.windowmanager > .xsession.errors 2>&1 &

 > > | #10 0xb65c055d in ?? () from /usr/lib/libcompizconfig.so.0
 > okay, so the first relevant stack frame seems to come from
 > libcompizconfig.  i'll see about providing a debug version of this
 > library.  it might also be helpful to get a copy of the actual core
 > file, though there are privacy implications as environment
 > variables and memory contents might be stored in this file so you
 > probably shouldn't post it publically.  do you think you could
 > privately email me a copy of one of them?

Sean, i don't know if this is relevant, but i have not a
~/.config/compiz/ directory (erased by error), is it possible that
libcompizconfig chokes on that? but then, it is the case of each new
user, isn't it?

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

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