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Bug#521253: libdrm: libdrm-dev uninstallable on GNU/kFreeBSD (depends on linux specific package)

On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 15:42 +0100, Petr Salinger wrote:
> > Making /usr/include/drm a symlink won't work as libdrm-dev still
> > installs xgi_drm.h, via_3d_reg.h, mach64_drm.h, nouveau_drm.h and
> > r300_reg.h there.  You could make symlinks for individual files though.
> >
> > Beware that the versions you have might be too old for current intel
> > mesa and 2d drivers (what I'm seeing on io.debian.net definitely is).
> They are up-to-date. Hmm :-(((
> It leads me to questions.
> Is it good idea to provide some files in <drm/>
> from libdrm-dev and other one's directly from kernel headers ?

Maybe not.  I'm just following what upstream/other distros are doing

> Would be possible to serve all of them on non-linux architectures
> from libdrm-dev ?
Yes, it's possible, but when I talked to him about this aurel32 told me
not to, IIRC.

> Sorry for these may be dumb questions,
> I do not know details of drm at all.



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