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Bug#518896: xserver-xorg-input-kbd: Every keypress repeats 2-3 times (with shifting)

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 4:31 AM, Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> wrote:
> Your config disables AllowEmptyInput but leaves AutoAddDevices and
> AutoEnableDevices on, so you get both kbd and evdev devices for your
> keyboard.  Either leave AllowEmptyInput enabled, or disable
> AutoAddDevices.  If you still have this problem with a fixed config,
> please send the log.

  Yes, this does fix things for me.  I have no particular love for
AllowEmptyInput; it's just there to solve some other problem from the
past that I don't remember at this time.  Nonetheless removing that
line does seem to make everything work again.  Thanks!

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