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Bug#518896: xserver-xorg-input-kbd: Every keypress repeats 2-3 times (with shifting)

On Sun, 2009-03-08 at 23:33 -0400, Andrew Moise wrote:
>  My X keyboard doesn't work very well at all -- each keypress repeats
> 2-3 times, generally with the middle keypress shifted.  Most things
> aren't usable.  I don't believe I've done any special repeat-rate
> configuration or anything.  I've attached my config, a log, and a
> screenshot showing the problem.
>   Configuring X to use evdev instead of kbd does _not_ solve the
> problem, but doing so _and_ removing the xserver-xorg-input-kbd
> package does solve the problem.
>  Cheers.

Your config disables AllowEmptyInput but leaves AutoAddDevices and
AutoEnableDevices on, so you get both kbd and evdev devices for your
keyboard.  Either leave AllowEmptyInput enabled, or disable
AutoAddDevices.  If you still have this problem with a fixed config,
please send the log.


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