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Bug#511717: startx mis-parses initial client and server arguments which begin with / or ./

On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 12:48:43 -0800, Robert J. Macomber wrote:

> This is because of the way in which startx parses its arguments.  It's a  
> loop over a case with three clauses; the bug is in the first.  When it's  
> looking at one of startx's args it checks to see if $clientargs is empty  
> in order to see if it should set $client or add the argument to  
> $clientargs.  It should probably check to see whether $client is set  
> instead.
> There is a similar bug in parsing server args, where it checks to see if  
> $serverargs is empty to decide whether to set $server.

Hi, and thanks for your report,

care to send a patch to fix this?


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